Saturday, January 30, 2010

Funny Flight Questions

Mommy wanted to share a few of the funny things I asked while we were flying to Phoenix...all of these things I said to Bella because I sat with her while Mommy was busy entertainting Delanie.

-After we used the bathroom on the plane, I asked Bella, "will they let us back on the plane now?"

-After Bella told me we were flying through the clouds, I said, "Thank you clouds!"

-When Bella pointed out we were flying over Indianapolis, I asked, "Bella, how are we going to get home? Are they going to drop us off in our yard?"

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More Fun in Phoenix...

I know we've mentioned that we had so much fun visiting our Gigi Rose...but, we have to say it one more time. WE HAD SO MUCH FUN! Here are a few more pics from our visit, including our trip to get our nails painted, trips to the park, Gigi showing us her doll collection and snuggling with Papa George. We're ready to go back and our mommy told us Gigi Rose is ready for us to visit again too.

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Cactus Crazy

While we were in Phoenix, Delanie and I were pretty obsessed with the catuses. We hadn't ever seen one in person before. We pointed them out wherever we went and took some pics with them. We brought a small one home and I took it to my pre-school class.

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Celebrating Baby Kingdon

Our good friends, Miss Heather and Mr. Ben, are having a baby in February. Mommy met Miss Heather when she was a social worker at Riley and they have been friends ever since. Delanie and I love Miss Heather and have a little crush on Mr. Ben. Mommy and Stephie planned a party today to celebrate the baby at a really neat restaurant. It was pretty, we got to eat cake and cupcakes afterwards at Miss Heather and Mr. Ben's house. We can't wait to meet Baby Kingdon...we don't know if it is a boy or girl or what the name is...mommy really wants to know...only a few more weeks!

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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Celebrating #4 and #85

Today was a special day for our family. Mommy, Delanie, Bella and I traveled to Phoenix and met our Great Uncle and two cousins at our Gigi Rose's house.

My Gigi Rose and I have the same birthday, I turned 4 today and she turned 85. My mom thought it would be fun for us to celebrate together.
My mommy told me the story today about being pregnant with me and finding out her due date was on Gigi Rose's birthday. She decided then that if I was a girl and actually born on Gigi's birthday, I would be named after her. My mommy and daddy decided on the names Andrew James and Emmerson Louise before going into the hospital, but it turned out I was a girl and I was born on Gigi Rose's I became: Emmerson Rose Louise Oskay.

My mom also told me the story about how my Gigi's actual given name is Rebecca, but everyone knows her as Rose. When Gigi started school, her older sister had to translate for Gigi's parents because they only spoke Spanish and Gigi's name became Rose because the nun's didn't understand the Spanish pronunciation of Rebecca and interpreted it as Rose.

So, I started the fourth year of my life with presents at home before we left for the airport and then we were off to Phoenix. I had fun on the flight...I mostly sat with Bella and stayed busy coloring, reading, asking questions, etc. Delanie was pretty antsy and Mommy seemed to be pretty busy keeping her occupied. We got to Gigi Rose's around lunch time and played at her house for several hours before going for our Birthday dinner at Gigi's favorite Mexican restaurant. We opened presents and had was the perfect 4th birthday. My mommy is so excited we will have these memories forever.
Thanks for all of my birthday wishes and treasures!

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Sunday, January 10, 2010


While we were in Ohio, we got to play in the snow. It was a blast. We went sledding, for a walk in the woods, attempted to build a snowman and made snow angels. We finally had to go in so we could all warm up.

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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Packer's Fans?

We spent the night with Auntie Erin and her mom and dad in Oxford, Ohio after the BSU game. Auntie Erin convinced us to wear these green jerseys...we're used to wearing blue and white, but since the Colts don't play this weekend, mommy said we could cheer for the Packers tomorrow. Plus, our Mommy told us she is an authentic "cheesehead" because she was born in Milwaukee. Go Packers, Beat the Cardinals!

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