Monday, December 6, 2010

We've been busy!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately....we have been busy!
Here are a few snapshots of what we've been up to:

We traveled to Fort Wayne a few weeks ago to watch our cousin Joshie (Josh) and the Rensselear Bombers play in the 2A semi-state football game...sorry for the blurry pic. It was pretty chilly, but so fun to cheer on our Cousin. He had an interception (whatever that is) the very first play of the game...but, we were really sad to see them lose the game.

We made our annual trip to "jolly days" at the Children's Museum
this past weekend to
enjoy the exhibit and see Santa....
We've been busy making our lists for Santa and being extra good, because
as mommy reminds us a lot, "he's watching"!

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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break 2010-Uncle Banana in Baltimore

The second part of our trip east was spent in Baltimore with Uncle Banana. He and Aunt B moved to Baltimore in June, so they could both work at Johns Hopkins, Uncle Banana as a internal medicine resident and Aunt B as a nurse, while she finishes her Nurse Practitioner degree. Mommy and I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday afternoon. Uncle Banana showed us around his new neighborhood, which is right by the harbor so we got to see some boats. I didn't really understand why we couldn't ride any of them, something about us not knowing the owner of the boats...bummer! After our walk, we went to "Mathew's Pizza" for is a famous pizza place in Baltimore. After our yummy pizza, Uncle Banana shared mint chocolate chip gelato with me..YES! It was a quick visit, but Mommy and I are so glad we got to see Uncle Banana and where he is living now, although we secretly hope they move closer some day:)

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Fall Break 2010

Emme and I and mommy were all on Fall Break last week. Mommy planned a trip for she and I to go out East to visit our friends, the Jordan's in the Washington DC area and then Uncle Banana in Baltimore, MD. Emme stayed home with Daddy for some one-on-one daddy time and because she is going to Baltimore with Bella in November to visit Uncle Banana when he has some time off from his residency.
So, mommy and I rode from Indianapolis to DC with Miss Jasmine and Clara on Wednesday. We spent the day doing girl stuff on Thursday (i.e. checking out the local Target, shopping mall, COSTCO, etc) and then on Friday we drove into! I loved it. I had a great time learning about the monuments, we rode the Carousel at the Smithsonian, saw the White House and took tons of pictures so I can remember everything we saw. Mommy is really impressed with how much I learned and remember about the monuments. She bought me a book with pictures of all the sights we saw, to help me remember. Here are some pics from our day in DC:

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Sunday, October 10, 2010

Afternoon at the Children's Museum

Mommy, Bella and Mr. Jim took Delanie and I to the Children's Museum after church today. Actually, before we made it to the museum, we ate breakfast/lunch at Einstein Bros. Bagels. Delanie and I have both been begging mom to eat there and since it's one of her favorites too, it's hard for her to say no. So, today from 1p-3p while the rest of Indianapolis was watching the colts, we were at the museum. We did our normal: Egypt exhibit, carousel ride, planetarium, Barbie exhibit...and we also checked out the newly opened "Penguins and Polar Bear" exhibit. My favorite part was the new exhibit, where Delanie and I slid down "ice" like penguins and sat in a Polar Bear's den. Enjoy the pics!

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Sunday, September 19, 2010

SHS Homecoming 2010

Since mommy starting working at Southport High School 3 years ago, we have been huge fans of the "Cardinals". Mommy took us to a Cardinal football game a few weeks ago and we sat right in front of the cheerleaders and fell in love! We have been practicing cheers and begging mommy for cheerleading outfits ever since. Luckily, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Duke own a scholastics company and were able to order us official cheerleading outfits, just like the "real" cheerleaders wear! They arrived in the mail last week, just in time for SHS's homecoming game on Friday. Mommy also co-sponsors the Freshman class, so had to help the freshman students build a float for a competition between the classes. We spent several hours at SHS last weekend with mommy while the students worked on their float...or "flute" as Delanie calls it! We rode in the parade with mommy in Auntie Erin's convertible and threw candy to the was so fun!! After the parade, we watched the football game with Bella, Jim, and some of mommy's friends from school. We also met one of the homecoming queen candidates. At halftime, it was announced that the Freshman float/mommy's float won 1st place!! Mommy was super excited, as were we! Our queen candidate didn't win, but mommy explained to us that they were all winners. We had a blast.....mommy says we are some of the Cardinals #1 fans!

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Monday, September 6, 2010

Meeting "Clara Hadley"

We were able to meet mommy's friend Jasmine's new baby girl on Saturday. Clara Hadley Jordan is almost 8 weeks old. Mommy says she and Jasmine grew up together and have been friends since 2nd grade. Miss Jasmine and Mr. Logan now live in Virginia, but were in town for the holiday weekend. Miss Jasmine let us hold Clara and answered all of our questions when she was feeding Clara and changing her diaper. We just love Clara's name and insist on calling her by her first and middle name: Clara Hadley! We can't wait until she can play with us...we're sure to be lifelong friends just like Mommy and Miss Jasmine. Here are a few pics of us with our new friend:

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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emme's Laugh

Mommy took these pictures of me today while we were at Bella's pool. She always says she "loves my laugh". I'm really into laughs too and often compare people's laughs....I'm always telling Auntie Erin that she laughs like my teacher, Miss Nancy. I just love to laugh....the proof is below!

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