Sunday, September 19, 2010

SHS Homecoming 2010

Since mommy starting working at Southport High School 3 years ago, we have been huge fans of the "Cardinals". Mommy took us to a Cardinal football game a few weeks ago and we sat right in front of the cheerleaders and fell in love! We have been practicing cheers and begging mommy for cheerleading outfits ever since. Luckily, Auntie Sarah and Uncle Duke own a scholastics company and were able to order us official cheerleading outfits, just like the "real" cheerleaders wear! They arrived in the mail last week, just in time for SHS's homecoming game on Friday. Mommy also co-sponsors the Freshman class, so had to help the freshman students build a float for a competition between the classes. We spent several hours at SHS last weekend with mommy while the students worked on their float...or "flute" as Delanie calls it! We rode in the parade with mommy in Auntie Erin's convertible and threw candy to the was so fun!! After the parade, we watched the football game with Bella, Jim, and some of mommy's friends from school. We also met one of the homecoming queen candidates. At halftime, it was announced that the Freshman float/mommy's float won 1st place!! Mommy was super excited, as were we! Our queen candidate didn't win, but mommy explained to us that they were all winners. We had a blast.....mommy says we are some of the Cardinals #1 fans!

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