Sunday, November 29, 2009

Seeing Santa

My mom and I took the girls to the Children's Museum today to meet the McVay's for our annual visit with Santa. This is our third year taking them to this "Santa spot". In addition to visits with Santa, they have a really great exhibit with ice fishing, a "Yule Slide" and new this year...a reindeer barn. Emme asked Santa for a leapster and Delanie asked for a scooter...this is a first I have heard about a scooter. The girls also rode the carousel twice with Bella and Lillian before we left. Gotta love the museum....I hope Santa renews our membership for xmas!

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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Crafting Copy Cat

So, here are my copy cats for this year's thanksgiving decorations....not too shabby, but I am so a wannabe.

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IU Fight Song

So, I taught the girls the IU Fight song at the dinner table a few months ago and they have been "singing" it ever since. It cracks me up, so I thought I would share. I sometimes hear Delanie singing it when she is in her crib at bedtime. We are hoping to take them to an IU Bball game this winter, so all this practice can come in handy. And...IU Cheerleading outfits are on their xmas lists! GO Hoosiers!

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday Shopping

Two years ago I went shopping on Black Friday for the first time with my friend Kathleen. I have been hooked ever since. So, our tradition is as follows: on Thanksgiving night the Oskay clan spends the night at the McVay house. Once we get there, Kathleen and I go through all the ads, make our lists, and game plan for the morning. We set our alarms for 3am and are at our first stop by 4am. This year we shopped from 4am-3pm...WOW! We always have a blast, get great deals and can't wait for the next Black Friday. Above are a few of our staple stops...we even hit Target, Costco, and Kohl's all twice this year.....yes, we are those people. However, we end the day with at least 75% of our xmas shopping DONE....well worth the early rising and moments of mass chaos.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

More Gymastics pics...

The girls continue to love are a few more pics from Emme's class last week.

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Trash Can Turkey

Jason had to have his own part of the day, so he decided to make a "trash can turkey". You will have to ask him for the specifics, I was not involved at all. Interesting...huh?

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Tasty Take #1

Pics from my first time hosting Turkey was a lot of work, but it all went well. Hope yours was safe and happy!

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Monday, November 23, 2009

Food for Classroom Feasts

The girls are both having "Thanksgiving Feasts" in their respective classrooms tomorrow. In Emme's class, the kids signed up for whatever they wanted to bring. So, my lovely daughter chooses "mac-n-cheese". Now, until I was in college, I didn't know that there was such thing as non-boxed macaroni and cheese. I have never made any other variety...and then my daughter signs up to bring it to a school pitch-in. So, I ventured out of my comfort zone, made a few phone calls for a recipe and voila! It looks and smells good in fact, I may make it again on Thursday.

For Delanie's class, we got the short stick...or the last spot on the sign-up sheet, which left us with "Rice Crispie Turkey Drumsticks". Another venture out of my comfort zone...the rice crispie part was easy, it was making them look like drumsticks that almost put me over the edge. There are some super cute ideas on the web, but D's school is completely peanut butter free and all the recipes called for pb. My mom saved the day when she suggested we use pretzels...not too shabby.

And I have to cook again in a few days???

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Sunday, November 22, 2009

Cousins at the Children's Museum

Saturday afternoon, my good friend Steph and I took E, D, and Elijah to the Children's Museum for the afternoon. I gave the kiddos a choice between the museum and the Zoo (secretly hoping they would choose the zoo), but they were unanimous in choosing the museum. We actually had a great time and hit all the hot spots: Dinosphere, PlayScape, the Carousel, the Egypt exhibit, the train exhibit and the water clock. The girls and I will be heading back there next weekend with Bella and Kat/Charlie/Lillian for our annual Santa visit.

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Willy Wonka

I took Emme to see "Willy Wonka" at SHS this afternoon. She loved the "Wizard of Oz" so much last year, that I was hoping for the same response for WW. Unfortunately, she didn't have the same enthusiasm and lost interest pretty early on. We did make it through the whole show, with a few breaks here and there...I think her favorite part was the prop made completely of candy in which she posed in front of.

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