Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Emme's Laugh

Mommy took these pictures of me today while we were at Bella's pool. She always says she "loves my laugh". I'm really into laughs too and often compare people's laughs....I'm always telling Auntie Erin that she laughs like my teacher, Miss Nancy. I just love to laugh....the proof is below!

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Indiana State Fair 2010

Mommy took us to the State Fair last week. We had a great time walking through the animal barns, eating fair food and looking at some other exhibits. Unfortunately, Mommy only got a few pics before her camera died. The pics are from our walk through the "Swine Barn" where we saw the "World's Largest Boar" and mommy was mesmorized by the mommy pig nursing 12 piglets (you can't see all of them in the picture)....she just kept staring and saying she's glad she's not a pig!

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Monday, August 16, 2010

1st Day of School 2010

Today was our first day of school! Mommy said it was a little bit of a rough morning because we were "slow movers"....what ever that means. Daddy wished us a good day and Bella met us at school to walk us in. Mommy made us take some pictures....Delanie was into it and I wasn't. Mommy picked us up this afternoon and we both reported that we had good days. The best part of my day was "doing the weather and learning it might rain tonight"...Delanie said the best part of her day was "recess". Here's to a great school year!

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Friday, August 6, 2010

"Girls Day Out"

Since Mommy started back to work this week, we have spent the last few days with some of our favorite people. Yesterday, on Mommy's first day back we spent the day with Bella and Auntie Jess. They let us watch movies, took us swimming and let us play with Hunter and Shadow. Today, we spent the day with Auntie Erin, her mommy-Miss MaryBeth and our friend, Miss Monica. They took us to visit Mommy at her school and then took us to the zoo for the afternoon. Miss MaryBeth had never been before, because she lives in Ohio, so we showed her all our favorite spots....well, actually we showed her the entire zoo! Here are some pictures of our fun:

Since we don't start school until August 16th, next week we will spend our days with Gammy and Uncle Jeff....stay tuned for all of our adventures with them.

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Too Cute Not to Share....

Mommy thinks this is the cutest picture of me and had to share it....

It's Auntie Erin's hat...we were on our way to the zoo on our "Girl's Day Out" with Auntie Erin, Miss Monica and Miss MaryBeth (more on that in the next post) while Mommy was at work.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Lovin' the Library

After our Dentist appointments today, mommy took us to the Indianapolis Public Library downtown. We met Uncle Jeff and Elijah there...Uncle Jeff has been telling mommy how great the new library is for months and he was right! There were so many fun things to do...pods where books are read to you, computers with games, a stage that puts you on a video screen and books everywhere! We had a blast...mommy's just sorry she didn't start taking us sooner.

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Day at the Dentist

Delanie and I both had a dentist appt today. We were both a little nervous, but remembered that our last visit wasn't really too bad and also remembered the trip to the prize basket at the end of the visit. So, when Mommy asked who wanted to go first, I tried to lead by example and show Delanie how brave I was. I even let Miss Brandy, the hygenist, take pictures of my teeth. Mommy kept saying how proud she was of both Delanie and I....and I agree, we were both pretty brave and did everything Miss Brandy asked. Here are some pics of our visit and of us showing off our picks from the prize basket (rings and a mini camera).....I almost forgot...neither of us had any cavities, yeah!!

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Monday, August 2, 2010

Cute PJ Pic

Just a cute pj pic from vacation that Mommy wanted to share:

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Pillow Pets

Delanie and I have recently become what our mom calls, "obsessed" with pillow pets. We saw them on TV and then saw them in person because our friend Braelin has a few. We begged mommy for a few weeks for them and were able to buy them a few days ago after we earned some money "helping" Bella with some things. I chose the Unicorn and Delanie chose the Ladybug...there were only 4 choices in the store, but many more on the website or if you order them from TV. Here are some pics of us with our newest treasures!
Now I'm wishing for the Dolphin and Delanie's wishing for the penguin.....

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