Saturday, March 20, 2010

Rhyme Time

Mommy says this story is too funny not to share:
I am really into my letters, sounding out words, trying to read, etc. My newest trick is rhyming words. Mommy had to take me to the dr last Monday (sick left ear) and while we were waiting for the Dr. to come to the exam room, Mommy was trying to entertain us and suggested we rhyme some words. So, I started and said,"". I'm not sure why, but she tried to hide her laughter and then quickly asked me to find words to rhyme with hat.
ps-my ear is feeling so much better.

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Lovin' on Liam

Mr. Ben and Miss Heather welcomed William Louis "Liam" Kingdon to the world last month. We have been lucky enough to visit with him twice and we just LOVE him. Miss Heather lets us hold him and love on him. Our last visit just happened to be on St. Patrick's Day and it was extra fun because our friend, Stephie, was visiting too!!

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Sunday, March 7, 2010

Oh Zoo, how we've missed you....

When Mommy found out it was going to be 52 degrees today, she asked us if we wanted to spend the day playing outside at home or go to the zoo. We all agreed that a trip to the zoo was in order. We haven't been for a few months and we were starting to go through withdraw. It was a really fun trip, Bella and her friend Jim joined us. Although some of the animals weren't out, we managed a train ride, watched the dolphin show, and saw our favorites: the elephants and giraffes. We can't wait for a spring/summer of visits...Thanks again, Papa Jim, for our membership!

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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Dinner at Bella's

Mommy has to take two quiches to a brunch at church next weekend, so she thought she would practice, since she hasn't ever made one before. She made a Spinach quiche at Bella's and we had it for dinner. Everyone really enjoyed it and we gave mom the stamp of approval to take them to her brunch.

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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Mama Dinosaur

A few more pics of our afternoon at the Children's museum.

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Hello, Barbie Reception...

Delanie speaking, how can I help you?
Our Children's museum also has a new Barbie exhibit. I thought these were too cute not to share.

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Can we fix it???


Our Children's Museum has a new Bob the Builder exhibit. We took the girls last weekend. Delanie was a pro with the "power tools"...guess watching Daddy has paid off.

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