Sunday, February 6, 2011

Lots of Fun Stuff!!

Mommy and Daddy keep telling us we're pretty lucky girls and we agree, here are a few of the fun things we've gotten to do lately: two weeks ago, Daddy took us to see Disney on Ice-Toy Story 3, last weekend he took us to see Miranda Cosgrove (ICarly) in concert and this weekend, we had breakfast with Dora and got to see the new Dora exhibit at the Children's Museum before it opened to the public. Here are a few pics from our adventures with Dora:

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Crabapple Creek Christmas Program 2010

We had our school's annual Christmas program the week before Christmas. We demonstrated our "circle time"-the songs we sing and our routine each morning at school and then each had a role in acting out the birth of Baby Jesus. I was an Innkeeper and Delanie was an angel. Here are a few pictures from the program and one of us with our good friend from school, Emme Scott.

We love our school and our teachers, Miss Kathy, Miss Nancy and Miss Lori. We are going to miss our school next year when I go to Kindergarten and Delanie goes to a pre-school closer to my school. We feel really blessed to have had Crabapple as part of our lives the last two years.

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Christmas 2010

Mommy has been slacking in posting about our latest adventures...we'll apologize for her. So, here is a post on Christmas 2010. We had an amazing holiday...xmas eve spent with Gammy and Papa, xmas eve mass, xmas morning with mommy and daddy at Daddy's house, xmas afternoon with Bella and then a trip to SC to see Papa Jim and Miss Becky. We must have been really good because Santa brought us the things on our lists...most importantly, our American Girl Dolls: Lanie and Bitty Baby (who Delanie calls Michelle). Here are a few pics from xmas morning.

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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Emme is 5!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.....lots going on. One of the biggest events, has to be Emmerson's 5th birthday on January 21st. I was lucky to have the day off and spend the whole day with the new 5 year-old. We celebrated with her teachers and friends at Crabapple Creek, did a little shopping and had a birthday dinner at Bella's. Emme got to request her favorite dinner and she requested Red beans and rice. We enjoyed her "American Girl" cake and ice cream and she opened her gifts for our generous friends and family.

So hard to believe my first baby is 5! She has loved every minute of her 5th year so far and loves telling people how old she is (her new hair cut also makes her look so much older!). Every year of her life has blessed ours and I know she will continue to make us smile, laugh and thank god for her every day.

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