Thursday, February 3, 2011

Emme is 5!

Sorry for the lack of posts lately.....lots going on. One of the biggest events, has to be Emmerson's 5th birthday on January 21st. I was lucky to have the day off and spend the whole day with the new 5 year-old. We celebrated with her teachers and friends at Crabapple Creek, did a little shopping and had a birthday dinner at Bella's. Emme got to request her favorite dinner and she requested Red beans and rice. We enjoyed her "American Girl" cake and ice cream and she opened her gifts for our generous friends and family.

So hard to believe my first baby is 5! She has loved every minute of her 5th year so far and loves telling people how old she is (her new hair cut also makes her look so much older!). Every year of her life has blessed ours and I know she will continue to make us smile, laugh and thank god for her every day.

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