Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break 2010-Uncle Banana in Baltimore

The second part of our trip east was spent in Baltimore with Uncle Banana. He and Aunt B moved to Baltimore in June, so they could both work at Johns Hopkins, Uncle Banana as a internal medicine resident and Aunt B as a nurse, while she finishes her Nurse Practitioner degree. Mommy and I arrived in Baltimore on Saturday afternoon. Uncle Banana showed us around his new neighborhood, which is right by the harbor so we got to see some boats. I didn't really understand why we couldn't ride any of them, something about us not knowing the owner of the boats...bummer! After our walk, we went to "Mathew's Pizza" for is a famous pizza place in Baltimore. After our yummy pizza, Uncle Banana shared mint chocolate chip gelato with me..YES! It was a quick visit, but Mommy and I are so glad we got to see Uncle Banana and where he is living now, although we secretly hope they move closer some day:)

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