Sunday, October 24, 2010

Fall Break 2010

Emme and I and mommy were all on Fall Break last week. Mommy planned a trip for she and I to go out East to visit our friends, the Jordan's in the Washington DC area and then Uncle Banana in Baltimore, MD. Emme stayed home with Daddy for some one-on-one daddy time and because she is going to Baltimore with Bella in November to visit Uncle Banana when he has some time off from his residency.
So, mommy and I rode from Indianapolis to DC with Miss Jasmine and Clara on Wednesday. We spent the day doing girl stuff on Thursday (i.e. checking out the local Target, shopping mall, COSTCO, etc) and then on Friday we drove into! I loved it. I had a great time learning about the monuments, we rode the Carousel at the Smithsonian, saw the White House and took tons of pictures so I can remember everything we saw. Mommy is really impressed with how much I learned and remember about the monuments. She bought me a book with pictures of all the sights we saw, to help me remember. Here are some pics from our day in DC:

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