Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cute Suits

Just a few more pics of us in some of our cute swim suits...mommy said we are going to turn into fish because we want to swim every day...but we don't care...we love the water!

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"Concerts on the Canal" and "Cones on the Circle"

Mommy's friend, Miss Monica, recently told her about "Concerts on the Canal" concerts on the patio of the Indiana Historical Society every Thursday night during the summer months. This past Thursday was our second time going and this time Bella and Mr. Jim joined us. It was pretty warm in the sun, so mommy let us use our umbrella as a parasol for shade. It is a really fun time and we hope to go again before summer is over....

Since we were downtown and it was a warm summer night, Mommy thought it was the perfect chance for us to get some ice cream on the circle. We love to eat our cones on the steps of the monument and watch all the people and pet the horses....we met Dixie and Dancer this time (and yes, that is gold glitter on Dancer's hooves)...we're really hoping that Mommy takes us on a carriage ride one of these days....

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Monday, July 26, 2010

Fishin' Fun

Bella has a pond behind her condo and she and Mr. Jim started fishing in it a few weeks ago. After hearing about all the fun they've been having, we begged and begged them to take us. Finally, today was the day! We were naturals! Mr. Jim couldn't keep up with us, between baiting our hooks and taking fish off of them....we can't wait to go again!

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Run 2 Relay

Last weekend Mommy, Auntie Erin and two other ladies ran in a team relay marathon. We didn't get to go watch, but Mommy said it was very HOT and HILLY. Mommy explained to us that there was a 2.2 mile course and each team member had to run the course 3 times, for a total of 26.2 miles. Hopefully next time, if there is one, we can go watch and cheer Mommy on!!

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More Pics from the IMA...

Here are a few in black and white/sepia:

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Pics at the IMA

Last week, mommy's friend asked if she could take some pics of us at the Indianapolis Museum of Art for her portfolio. She is studying photography and applying for some jobs. It also gave us the chance to see the new exhibit at the museum "100 acres". We had a fun morning and mommy thinks some of the pics are pretty cute as well:

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Beach Babes

A few weeks ago Mommy took us to South Carolina to visit Papa Jim. We had a great time....we swam, spent some time on the beach, went to a movie, went on a boat ride and saw dolphins, ate lots of good food, saw Papa's new house, spent a day in Savannah/Tybee Island, and made lots of fun memories. Mommy said we are total beach babes, we like the ocean way more than she does and will even go in farther....we can't wait to go back and visit again soon. Here are some pics from our trip:

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