Thursday, March 12, 2009

Delinquent Blogger

I take full responsibility if we have lost readers. I have been so bad about blogging lately. I don't really have an excuse. My camera charger has disappeared, so I do not have any good pictures to share. We have honestly just been in survival mode that last few weeks. Trying to get everyone to work, school, gammy's, Ms. Carol's, dinner, baths, mini training, dance class, keep the house clean, etc. We were excited for the few nice days of good weather, but now are back to the mid 30s...seems like a cruel joke.
If we have any readers left, they probably check our blog for updates on the girls, so here you go:
Emme-our dear 3 y/o has developed a bit of a mouth lately. It is really bothersome to Jason and I and we have had many heated parenting discussions. He attributes it to the new childcare environment. And though he may be right, my argument is that throughout their lives, the girls will have to be around other kids. Some of these kids will say and do things that we do not allow our girls to do. It is our responsibility as parents to teach our girls to make better choices. Needless to say, we are stressed parents right now and hope that it is just a phase. Emme continues to take dance class and we anxiously anticipate her recital in June. She continues to be our verbal child and her mind never stops...ever...

Delanie-She will turn 2 during our trip to FL, we are spending her bday at the Magic Kingdom. Poor D, I bragged to Jason a few weeks ago that our kids hadn't been sick all winter and sure enough, D has had two ear infections in the last 3 weeks. I suspect the first one never really went away. So, these two bouts of yuckiness have made her grumpy. She is doing well in school and sings songs she learns there more and more. She has a smile that will make you melt and thank goodness, because, can she test one's patience. She has also taken a liking to throwing herself on the ground when she hears the word NO..great times for all around.

I promise to be a more frequent blogger.....stay tuned for updates on our Spring Break Trip: 17 days and counting!

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Missy said...

Great update Jorie! Kaiden goes through those spells where the things the other kids say and do rub off on him....and your right its out duty to teach them right from wrong...I have been lucky that its worked so far with Kaiden but its been getting harder as he gets older and grows his own opinions and sass...haha. We just have to keep at it! Hope you have a great trip! Hugs