Thursday, June 3, 2010

Crabapple Creek Carnival 2010

Crabapple Creek had a Carnival to celebrate the end of the school year last Thursday night. There were games, pizza, cotton candy, popcorn and face painting. The weather was a little uncooperative and there were several downpours throughout the evening. It was still super fun and we can't wait to go back to Crabapple in the Fall. Notice we said "we", Delanie will also be attending Crabapple in the fall. It was a back and forth decision, but we decided to request that the girls are in the same class. We figured it was a one in a lifetime chance for them to be in the same class at school, so why not? We are also hoping they have Miss Kathy, Emme's teacher from this year and our current neighbor. Some of the pics from the night are of the girls with Miss Kathy's daughter, Kylie. Oh how we love Crabapple Creek!

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