Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where has the time gone?

Mommy has been such a bad blogger lately and she apologizes...she was reading back through posts tonight and realized how fun it is to see our memories and promises to do a better job at blogging.
So, since mommy has blogged last:
Emme: took a summer full of swim lessons, started Kindergarten at Nativity Catholic School, is taking gymnastics again, loves lady gaga, wants to be a "hip hop dancer" for Halloween and wishes she could just skip right to 8th grade.
Delanie: also took swim lessons all summer, started Pre-K at a new school, gets to spend two days a week with Gammy (all by herself), loves singing to Adele with mommy, and can't decide between a horse and a cowgirl for Halloween.
We've missed blogging and would much rather have mommy put our pictures on here than on facebook. Hope you've missed us too!

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