Sunday, September 18, 2011


We were lucky enough to go to an IU game with mommy and some friends last week. We had such a good time and Mommy thinks we are very die-hard IU fans. We cheered and clapped and asked every time the Hoosiers scored, "Did we win"? Mommy hopes to take us to many more games in the future....we think she might want us go to iu?? what do you think?

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First Day of School 2011

Delanie started Pre-K at Southeastern Church of Christ on Monday August 15th, 2011. She has adjusted so well and mommy and daddy are very proud of her. She goes to school M, W, F and gets Gammy all to herself on Tuesdays and Thursdays. She is loving her new teachers, Miss Linda and Miss Shauna and loves having Chapel every morning. Secretly, we know she can't wait to be in the same school as Emme again next year.

Emme started Kindergarten at Nativity Catholic School on Tuesday August 16th, 2011. She is in full day kindergarten with Miss Wallpe and LOVES it. She takes school very seriously and promises she will never move her car from the "green light". My favorite quote so far this year: E-"Mom, I have a new best friend"...Mom-"Oh that's great Emme, what's her name?"...E-"I don't remember"!! Love it!

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Where has the time gone?

Mommy has been such a bad blogger lately and she apologizes...she was reading back through posts tonight and realized how fun it is to see our memories and promises to do a better job at blogging.
So, since mommy has blogged last:
Emme: took a summer full of swim lessons, started Kindergarten at Nativity Catholic School, is taking gymnastics again, loves lady gaga, wants to be a "hip hop dancer" for Halloween and wishes she could just skip right to 8th grade.
Delanie: also took swim lessons all summer, started Pre-K at a new school, gets to spend two days a week with Gammy (all by herself), loves singing to Adele with mommy, and can't decide between a horse and a cowgirl for Halloween.
We've missed blogging and would much rather have mommy put our pictures on here than on facebook. Hope you've missed us too!

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