Thursday, February 5, 2009

Kate @ the Indianapolis Home Show

Wednesday night Jason and I and our friends Brian and Ashlee ventured to the Indianapolis Home Show. We bought tickets over the weekend at a fundraiser so thought we would check it out. We picked Wed night because we knew Kate Gosselin was making an appearance to talk about her book "MULTIPLE BLES8INGS". Ashlee and I sat from 5:15 until her appearance at 7pm just to have a seat. There were hundreds of people that stood and waited in line for over an hour to have their book autographed. We opted out of the book signing line at first, but checked again before we left and found the line to be shorter and moving very fast. So, we got our 5 second face-to-face with Kate.

Here are my observations from the experience: She is way thinner than she looks on TV, she is tiny, probably a size 2-4. She very obviously feels these appearances are just a means to an end, she didn't look like she was having a great time, nor was she overly we know how John feels!

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Susan said...

I agree! Fun to find your blog - I saw Kate at 3 and posted on it too :)

JB said...

We love the show, but Kate? Not so much... And what's up with her hair?!