Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

The Oskay family had a great Easter weekend. Friday night we celebrated Libby Barron's 2nd birthday with dinner at the Barron's house. They are great hosts, our girls love going there and playing with Libby. When we were driving home, Emme asked, "Daddy, next time you go to work, can I stay at Libby's house?".

Saturday morning my mom took the girls to an Easter Egg hunt with our friends, Kathleen, Charlie and Lillian. I got in an 8.5 mile run that felt really good-mini countdown: 3 weeks!

I spent the rest of my day at the Southport High School Riley Dance Marathon. Our students raised $23,200.00 for Riley Hospital. It was a great success. It totally takes me back to my IUDM days. Jason brought the girls for the closing and then they helped clean-up.

Jason and I woke up this morning to Emme asking, "Did the Easter Bunny come?". After exploring their easter baskets, eating breakfast and putting on their Easter dresses (bought for them as a yearly tradition from their godmothers-Thanks Auntie Sarah and Auntie Laura), we headed to mass. Jason and I were determined to get their early. The girls did well in Mass, and we were even at church early enough to sit in the sanctuary instead of the Gym.

After Mass we made a visit to the cemetary to visit Matt's gravesite. It was the first time for us to see his headstone and it is really beautiful. It was a pretty emotional morning for Jason and I. It is still so surreal that he is gone and each new occasion that passes without his presence is heartbreaking.

Jason's parents, brother Jeff and his family, my mom and sister Jess joined us for Easter dinner. It was a great meal and we all stuffed ourselves with ham, mashed potatoes, and lots of other goodies.

Jason was pretty consumed all day with the Masters golf tournament, but did take part in cutting the ham and mashing the potatoes.

We had beautiful weather, so the girls and Elijah played outside for hours. We hope your day was happy!

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