Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Never know where you might find a RHT

Since probably 90% of our readers will appreciate this story, I thought I would share. This semester we added a second ELL (English as a Learned Language) teacher (Amy) at the school where I work. One of the reasons for this is that we have around 90 students that are refugees from the Chin state of Burma at our school. I started working closely with our ELL teachers a few months ago to develop some programs for these students and their families. They have really fascinating stories. Anyway, during this time, Amy and I just seemed to make a quick connection, get along really well, share the same ideas, etc. I knew she went to IU and had just finished her Masters, but we didn't talk many more details about IU initially.
A few weeks ago she and I were talking about IU and I finally asked her if she was in a house. I honestly expected her to say yes and that she was a Pi Phi or Tri Delt...obviously you can tell where this story is going...we realized we were both Gamma Phis! Granted, she is 23 and I am 30, so we were not in the house at the same time. Funny how realizing this common bond can make you feel connected to someone. Sending a shot out to all my GPhi sisters...I miss you:)
*I don't know if Southport High School can handle 2 Red Hot Tomatoes in the same building!*

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Allison C. said...

Great story!!! :) Love you!!!