Sunday, July 26, 2009

Friday Fun

Friday afternoon, the girls and I joined the Barron family in Zionsville. Shannon arranged for her Mom's group to tour the Zionsville Fire Station and asked us to join them. The girls have never been inside a Fire Station before so it was a great opportunity for us. They were a little timid around the Firemen and Sparky the Dog, but still had a good time. After the Fire Station tour, we had pizza at Amore and then also hit up Dairy Queen. After we ate our way through Zionsville, Shannon helped me make wine charms (for Missy's Bridal Shower) while Mike supervised the girls swimming in Libby's pool. I must say, Mike looks pretty good with three little girls on his arm! We ended up staying the night since we were heading north to Monticello on Saturday. We had great plans to check out the Farmer's market and parks on Saturday morning, but the weather didn't cooperate. So, Mike again supervised the girls at a nearby indoor playground while Shannon and I made a quick trip to Marshall's for some bargain buys. We had a great time...thanks, Barrons!

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