Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Ella and Carly

We are blessed with good neighbors, and as some of you know, we haven't always had the best of luck (think chickens and other various farm animals). There are several families within a block of us with young children, most of whom also attend our church and also plan to send their children to our parish's school. So, I get excited to think that Emme and Delanie are making friends now that they will have for a long time. The family that lives behind us also happen to have two girls, Ella is almost 5 and Carly is 1 month younger than Delanie. The girls are great friends and playmates for Emme and D. Every night at dinner they look out at the back yard and call "Ella", hoping that Ella will be outside so they can play. Delanie is even learning to scale the fence to play with her bestest friends...I guess she should have been spiderwomen for Halloween!

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