Sunday, October 5, 2008


My sister, Julie, was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at 14 y/o, she is now 28 y/o. My mom has been very involved with the Amercian Diabetes Association and the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation for many years. Today, Jason and I, the girls and our nephew Elijah joined my mom in "Stepping Out to fight diabetes". It was a beautiful day for an early morning walk/run. My mom, Jason and the kiddos walked and I ran the 5K. Emme loves to chant, "Stop Diabetes". Let's all pray for a cure in our lifetime.

I made the shirts Emme, Delanie and Elijah wore...the darn iron-on letters kept coming off, so by the end of the day, Delanie's said STOP Diabets...that's what I get for trying to be crafty.

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Joan Brown said...

A Big THANK YOU to my family for supporting my efforts to raise funds so that a CURE may be found for diabetes in MY lifetime! I love you guys for being there for me again! love/Mom/Bella