Sunday, October 19, 2008

Two Good Reads

My friend Jasmine gave me two great books for my bday. I read Ron Hall's, "The Same Kind of Different as Me" first. For someone who normally sticks to Danielle Steele's lastest hit for the easy read, I was a little skeptical as to how much this book would catch my attention. Well, it did and I read it in one weekend (a pretty fantastic feat considering I live in a house with two high-maintainence toddlers).

I started the second book today, Wm. Paul Young's, "The Shack". It too is proving to be a "can't put it down until you're done " type of read. I am a solo parent this weekend so am shocked to get a little reading in at all, so I will hopefully be able to finish this one over my fall break later this week.

I am not at all qualified to give you a literary review, all I can say is, they are must reads.

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Missy said...

Cool....I shall check those out, another friend of mine is reading the shack too so far she says its really good as well! Hugs