Monday, June 8, 2009

Our Dancing Queen

We all survived Emme's 1st Dance Recital yesterday. She has been taking a 1/2 hour tap/ballet combo class since the Fall. She has mostly enjoyed herself and I think will take another class this fall. When initially asked about her being in the recital, I said no. Then, I guess I gave in to "Mommy peer pressure" and went along for the recital ride, as all the other kids in her class were going to be participating. So, after an $80 costume (which will be D's halloween costume this year), a $55 recital fee and $15 recital tee-shirt we were official. Although the 5 hour recital was at times painful, all in all, Emme was really excited that they called her name at the end and gave her a certificate. She we even more excited that her Daddy brought her flowers. They are displayed proudly in a vase in her room. We were really thankful to have many family members in attendance to commemerate this important event: Bella, Gammy, Mommy, Daddy, Delanie and Auntie Erin. This experience has opened my eyes to the world of Stage Moms, growing out of dance shoes, recital make-up, and adults who still feel the need to take part in dance recitals-who knew?
Another funny note: three of the five kids in Emme's class are children of a girl Jason grew up with (Ewan and twins Ella and Audrey).

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