Sunday, June 28, 2009


The girls and I had a great day today (Jason was at the lake helping his Dad).We started the day off with 11am mass and lunch at Moe's. I swear we are averaging 2 meals a week there lately. The girls eat free on Wed and Sundays and I always have coupons, plus we love it. We introduced my sister Julie to Moe's Tuesday and she is now on board. We introduced my brother Jim today and I think we added another member to the Moe's fan club.

Jim, aka Uncle Banana, is in town visiting from Nashville. He just finished his third year of Med school at Vanderbilt and has a few days off before starting 4th year. Jess also came in from Terre Haute for a few days. It is a pretty rare occasion to have us all together anymore, so we decided to snap a picture. Granted, we all had pool hair/bed head, etc.

After lunch, we decided to take advantage of the pool at my mom's Condo. The weather was great today, no humidity and even a breeze. Such a change from the last 2 weeks. The girls swam for almost 2 hours until we made them go in and rest. I was even able to sneak in a nap while Delanie napped and my mom and sisters/brother entertained Emme.

We had Papa Murphy's for dinner, another Oskay family favorite, and then finally headed home to give my mom and brother some peace. Emme was so worn out she feel asleep on the way home.

We are headed to the zoo tomorrow. We haven't been for over a week since the weather has been so hot. Emme starts her second session of swim lessons this week and I also signed Delanie up for lessons, but I will be in the pool with her.

We are gearing up for the 4th. The 4th is Jason's favorite holiday, so he has convinced myself and all our neighbors to let him do a hillbilly firework show in our cul-de-sac. I am excited to finally buy the darn flag cupcake cake that has been in the Target ad for weeks.

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