Monday, June 8, 2009

Summer To-Do List

Since the summer has has my summer to-do list. Jason is so excited! (can you sense my sarcasm).
Here is the list:
1. Paint antique dresser and bed for Delanie's room (white)
2. Re-decorate Emme's bedroom (paint, make bedding, pillows, etc.)
3. Buy furniture for office/decorate
4. Re-design and re-construct deck
5. Finish mini-barn that was started in October 2007
6. Clean out garage
7. Add to our landscaping that we started last year

Wish us luck....I will post pictures as we complete our tasks.

**If you didn't know, my mom had been living with us since we moved into our house in Dec 07. She just bought a condo and moved into it in May. She has been having a great time in her own space and we are very excited for her. The girls really miss seeing her every day, but we visit her often as she is just 5 min away. This change means Emme now has her own room and we have an office to furnish. Good changes, but changes nonetheless.**

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